Data Scientist

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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What's the job:  Data Scientist

What you’ll do on the job:

  • Understand business problems and formulate hypothesis
  • Collecting and interpreting data, analyzing results, identifying patterns and trends in large data sets
  • Research and develop advanced statistical and machine learning models for analysis of large-scale, high-dimensional data
  • Build custom machine learning models for various use-cases such as recommendation, insight generation, forecasting, anomaly detection, and so on
  • Performing data quality checks for quality assurance
  • Build data pipelines to supply quality data to machine learning model in production environment
  • Supports innovative analytical thinking & solutions that results into improved business performance 
  • Writing reports based on insights gained from exploratory data analysis and able to articulate it to product owner
  • Practice industry well-known Machine Learning Framework and best practices

Who’ll be a good fit: 

  • Proven working experience of 2+ years as a Data Scientist
  • Strong in mathematics - statistics, probability, linear algebra, time series
  • Proficiency in working with large datasets and data wrangling using SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Familiar with tools such as JuPyteR, Tensorflow ,Python , Azure ML, Prophet (Open source software), MS SQL Server
  • Working knowledge of applied machine learning techniques such as regression, clustering, forecasting of time-series data and Classification models
  • Proficiency in LSTM, hypothesis testing and supervised learning / unsupervised learning.
  • Familiarity with all aspects of the analytical cycle such as data wrangling and visualisation, feature engineering, and model building
  • Write scalable scripts to fetch or modify data from API endpoints
  • Exposure to cloud technology is preferred (Azure)
  • Excellent critical thinking, verbal, and written communication skills

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